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The ACS 2 or 3 System is an affordable and durable, fully automatic SuperFlush master control system designed for use with the SF 200 C unit for outboards.  The ACS –Series uses a custom logic system designed and manufactured by SuperFlush Systems in conjunction with alloy and stainless steel components for complete reliability and years of trouble free service.  

The 12 VDC systems is Plug n Play.

This breakthrough technology will greatly extend the service life of your marine engine, reduce maintenance related cost, reduce breakdowns, and save your time and money. 

My boat stays in the water almost all the time. Will SuperFlush allow me to flush my engine without pulling the boat out of the water?

Yes! The SuperFlush System not only operates with the engines off but flushes in or out of the water.

The less efficient alternatives to SuperFlush are to install an expensive custom flushing system with brass piping and gate valves on your inboard, purchase an outboard with flushports or use earmuffs on your engine. The flushports and earmuffs still require that you get in the water to utilize them.



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