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The SF 400C is the most convenient and effective marine engine flushing and corrosion control system ever made for sterndrive and inboards, gas or diesel..  It’s EZ to install, its EZ to use.  Its operation is fully automatic.  Hook up a garden hose to the installed SuperFlush access panel; turn on the faucet and in five minutes your engine is flushed.  It works with your boat in or out of the water without running the engine!  Salt water caused corrosion damage is responsible for as much as 70% of marine engine failures. This system will extend the life of your engines saving you time, money and a lot of hassle!  This easily installed product is even easier to use!  Just connect  a water hose to the EZ Flush Panel and Flush for 5 minutes, in or out of the water without running the engines!!!

                                                                          SAVE TIME, SAVE MONEY.  SAVE YOUR ENGINE.                                                      

   The Manifolds to the left are typical examples of salt water used boat engines.  Ocean water is extremely corrosive    and quickly takes a toll on cast iron engine components. It is not unusual to have to replace these parts every two to three years.  If preventive maintenance is not done in a timely manner, you can easily lose the entire engine.  Cost to replace that can range from $8000 - $20,000.  And it simply is unnecessary.  The SuperFlush System is a proven solution.  The U.S. Military has used the product for over 15 years.  For good reasons: Double (or greater) engine Life-cycle, reduced maintenance related costs, greater in-field reliability, and ZERO-CARBON FOOTPRINT.  The cost to benefit ratio is unparalled.  For the price of a couple tanks of fuel, your boat engines are protected from the ravages of salt-water caused corossion.  Plus, it is the most convenient way ever to flush your engines.  Simply hook up a hose and flush for 5 minutes.  That's with your boat in or out of the water.  Nothing could be easier.



EASY TO INSTALL! MerCruiser & Volvo EZ install kits now included at no additional cost!

Click on the SF 400 picture above and watch ShipShapeTV's Bert install an SF 400!

The SF 400 C fits 3.0L 4.3L 5.0L,5.7L,6.2L, 7.4L, & 8.2L

SF 400 C installed on Tim Connely's Sea Ray.


  TESTIMONIAL From Mr. Connely:

As an aside, I (finally) replaced my original manifolds on my 2003 SeaRay last week.  My mechanic was out for a couple other items and was shocked I got more than 10 years.  I told him “You've got to get SUPERFLUSH”!!

 Thanks again,

 Tim Connely, St Pete, Florida

Why aren't the old fashioned ear muff style motor flushers adequate for flushing my engine?

The ear muff motor flushers are twenty year old technology and they have critical shortcomings. Marine engines utilize high volume water pumps, mostly with neoprene rubber impellers. Any interruption in the water flow while the engine is running will severely damage the impeller. With the ear muff device, you are simply not getting the volume of water into the water pump and in many instances it will cause the garden hose to collapse. Overheating is extremely detrimental to engine life and in severe instances may result in immediate damage. In fact, some marine engine repair manuals contain the following statement:

At 1500 RPM the engine water pump can only create approximately five pounds of pressure in the cooling system. This is not nearly enough volume of water to flush the engine properly. It has little or no effect on the salt corrosion buildup inside the engine block. Conversely the SuperFlush System back-fills the idle engine, pressurized the cooling system to twenty two pounds and pulsates the water to shake the salt corrosion out of the engine.


SF 400 C

SF 400 C technolgy BLASTS Salt out of your engine! At least doubling (or more!) the life of your engine!!!

CONTACT: superflush1@aol.com or call:334-258-5227