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Voices from our Industy


Kruis Retherford

President/ C.E.O. Glasstream Powerboats

“ We use SuperFlush's on every Glasstream headed for salt water.  It just makes sense for  us and our customers.  I mean come on:  Double the engine life!  How much is that worth?”

Rich Alley

Director Steyr Motors North America

 “ I first used this product 15 years ago.  It was excellent then, but it’s flat out awesome now!  Steyr Motors is a one hundred year old company, with the best engineered engines in the world, so of course we want the best marine engine flushing system in the world on them.”

John Greviskis

Founder & Star of ShipShape TV

 “When you own as many boats as I do (19!), you are always on the lookout for ways to improve and lower maintenance costs and  keep it running.  SuperFlush does all that, and more.”


I keep my boat on a lift behind my house, and the SuperFlusher is the ONLY way to go! All I have to do is connect my water hose to the EZ panel and in 5 minutes my engine is flushed. I know my neighbors on the lagoon appreciate the no noise aspect of the product...they've told me so! Every boat I've owned for the last 10 years has been SuperFlushed for a very good reason: this product works! I am happy to recommend it to anyone who boats.

Sally W. Stanley
Lynn Haven, Florida


I have two boats: a 21 foot outboard powered Center Console and a 35 Cigarette Cafe Racer (it's actually the one used in the Bond movie, Live and Let Die), both SuperFlush equipped. It is by far the BEST MONEY I SPENT ON EITHER BOAT, and I know about spending money on boats. I raced in the APBA Offshore Series for many years and I can tell you firsthand: Saltwater will KILL your engine dead and put a HOLE in your pocketbook! I've never seen anything like this product. It is 100% as advertised. Literally, like running your boat in fresh water. It's that good.

David Webb
Panama City Beach, Florida


I've known the SuperFlush Guys for a long time. I fish on a 32 foot Proline out of Orange Beach, Al. powered with diesel engines. I use this boat...A LOT. It used to stay in the shop, getting the intercoolers and heat exchangers cleaned and the zincs replaced. Anyone who has paid for that service, knows it does not come cheap. About 10 years ago a friend told me about this amazing product that allowed diesel boat owners to flush their engines with the boat in the water. I checked into it and the very next week had the system installed on my engines and generator. I never had the boat in for cooling system service again (except water pumps). At around 6000 hours I replaced the engines as they were tired, but I put the SuperFlushers on my new engines and they are still going strong. If you boat in salt water, this product is a NO BRAINER.

Dr. Bill Hixson
Foley, Alabama



CONTACT: superflush1@aol.com or call:334-258-5227