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The SuperFlush Marine Engine Flushing System Is The Best In The World.  Period.  See John Greviskis Tell You Why.

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Why should I buy a SuperFlush?

The first reason is to protect your investment. Marine engines are very expensive and, unfortunately, can deteriorate rapidly when operated exclusively in saltwater. Virtually all marine engines, whether outboard, stern drive, or inboard are susceptible to saltwater/corrosion build-up. This salt eventually crystallizes inside the engine blocks, manifolds and risers creating hairline cracks allowing water to enter the engine and cause major damage. It has been estimated by the National Marine Manufacturers Association that 70 % of all engine failure is caused by corrosion damage.

The SuperFlush System with its superior technology of multi-port injection reaches every cavity within the engine, flushing out the salt buildup from the top down. No other flushing device can match the effectiveness of a SuperFlush when it comes to protecting your investment in your engine. It will pay for itself many times over extending the life of your engines components.

The second reason is convenience. To access the SuperFlush system, you simply connect a dockside water hose to a conveniently located hose connection panel installed in the aft cockpit of your boat. You then simply turn on the water, step back and watch it work. You'll be amazed at the simplicity. In four minutes your engine is completely flushed. It's that easy.

The third reason is for the environment. SuperFlush works with your engine turned off and with the boat in or out of the water. SuperFlush eliminates all of the environmental problems normally associated with flushing marine engines.


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